Reseller shipping rates​

We do not impose any minimum order, we want you to choose how much goods to keep at home in order to guarantee customers to always have fresh product.

National shipping in Italy by refrigerated courier (Stef)

Free port_ 200 € + VAT

for smaller amounts, shipping costs € 18 + VAT (€ 21.96)

* The cold chain is 100% guaranteed; from the laboratory cold store to the courier's refrigerated van to your home!

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When is my order shipped?

Your order as soon as it is received is immediately processed. Shipping times vary from 2 to 7 working days and sometimes depend on production, because Fermaggio® products are always fresh.

You will receive an order confirmation email when the order is out, since we entrust the goods to the courier it takes from 24 to 72h on average for delivery depending on the area. (The goods travel at a controlled temperature all the way)

Per ulteriori informazioni e per tracciare il tuo ordine puoi scriverci su

International shipping Europe

Express 48 h (Ups,Tnt,Dhl)

We ship throughout Europe with express service using thermal blankets in recycled paper and ice gel to guarantee the temperature during the journey. [we recommend placing the products in the refrigerator as soon as they are received]

Free port_ 400 €

for smaller amounts, shipping costs 25 €

Refrigerated shipping europe (Stef)

Free port_ 1000 €

from  0 to 400 € -180 €

from       400 € - 90 €

from    1000 €  - free